Madera Cafe


Madera cafe


Genesis, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

Madera is the Spanish word for wood. Wood has been the prominent feature in Madera’s group hotel and serviced apartments design.

In the attempt to look for a correlation between wood and coffee, we discovered that the heart of every coffee shop is the coffee bar and its espresso machine where the barista crafts his coffee for the customers. And the heart of all wood crafting comes from the wood workshop where the carpenter spends his time to produce every piece of wood artwork. Hence, we have placed this new coffee shop against a backdrop of a wood workshop where each wood slat was carefully selected to create a natural and cozy atmosphere and the wood working bench becomes the coffee bar counter. The entire space is carefully curated with wood working tools and equipment in order to provide the customers with an opportunity of exploration within the store.


Logo Re-design, New Interior Concept, Styling



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Plaap Design Limited

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